American Horror Story Season Rankings 2018

Wow… My Apple watch just told me I needed to calm down about 5 times in one hour. I can say that American Horror Story Season 8 was a thrilling success. In lieu of a full review of the season, pending my rewatch I will give my initial rankings on the seasons, and as a bonus my rankings on the finales:

Season Ranking:

  1. Asylum

  2. Coven

  3. Apocalypse

  4. Hotel

  5. Murder House

  6. Cult

  7. Roanoke

  8. Freakshow

Finale Ranking:

  1. Apocalypse

  2. Hotel

  3. Asylum

  4. Coven

  5. Murder House

  6. Cult

  7. Freakshow

  8. Roanoke

Debate in the comments!